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What Is The Difference Between A Basic Bikini, Bikini G-String and Brazilian?

Basic Bikini

We wax the hair that could show through a bikini and a little on top.


Bikini G-String

We wax the hair outside the bikini, creating a thin strip of hair from top to bottom. (Inner butt not included)



This is our most popular service. We wax it all off from the front to the inner butt. (Strip or triangle optional)


Have A Question? We may Have the Answer!

First time? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We have answered the most commonly asked questions to ensure that your waxing goes as smooth as possible.

Is There Any Reason Why I Will Not Be Able To Be Waxed?

If you have a contagious skin condition you will have to wait till it has completely cleared up. If you are using Roaccutane you must wait for 6 months after you have finished your medication. We cannot remove hair from areas that have been treated with steroid cream Retin-A, Differin or other retinoid acne products within the last 3 months.

Can I Get A Brazilian If I’m Having My Period?

Sure, we can wax you when you have a mild period. Just be aware that the area is often more sensitive during this time, so you may experience more discomfort than usual. In order to successfully complete the service, you will need to wear a tampon.

I Have Been Waxed Before And Had A Bad Experience, How Are You Different?

Wax in the City staff are highly trained in all areas of waxing. Knowing how not to bruise and tear your skin comes with experience and using the right product to get the best results.

Is It Safe To Wax Whilst Pregnant?

Any waxing including Brazilian during your pregnancy is perfectly normal and not harmful to you or your baby. Wax in the City staff have waxed many expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy right up to their due date, so you are in highly experienced hands.

How Long Should My Hair Be Before I Wax?

A minimum of 1cm/1/4′′ long–or make your appointment 3 weeks after your last shave. Please do not be tempted to trim yourself if your hair is overgrown, leave that all to us, we don’t want you to be taking too much off and not getting the end result you want.

Will It Hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Your first time will generally hurt the most then after that each subsequent wax will become easier as there will be less hair to remove so will not be as uncomfortable. A lot of clients do mention that the experience isn’t as bad as they thought it would be. Taking a couple of Ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment can help reduce the discomfort.

What Are The Benefits:

Whether you're preparing to bare-all in a bikini, or you just prefer a tidy up , waxing removes hair in a way no other non-permanent method can. It leaves the skin clear of stubble and re-growth for weeks at a time,which can be more comfortable as well. If you usually use a razor and are looking for smoother, longer-lasting results, a Brazilian wax might be just the solution.

  • Comfort-You know the feeling you get right after you shave? Imagine that but multiply it.
  • Exfoliates the skin-A Brazilian wax helps get rid of all the dead skin cells on your skin and leaves your skin feeling super smooth.
  • Boosts confidence-You know how you wear sexy underwear to make yourself feel sexy? Even when nobody else know? You’ll find a good Brazilian Wax will do the same thing.
  • Hair-free longer-When you shave, you can expect re-growth within 2-3 days. With waxing, you can expect 3-4 weeks before regrowth occurs.
  • Hair growth becomes sparser-Shaving can actually increase hair thickness while waxing removes it from the root. This ensures that hair growth will get thinner and sparser over time.

Before Your Brazilian Wax:

  • Please shower before your appointment - We also supply wet wipes for you before your appointment.
  • Hair must be a quarter of an inch - About 10-14 days of growth to adhere correctly to the wax.
  • Resist the urge to shave between sessions -  Shaving chafes the skin and creates sharper, coarser hair.
  • Gently exfoliate the night before - Having a warm bath or shower before your wax can soften your skin allowing for easier hair removal. We also recommend exfoliation the night before as this removes dead skin build up around and, in the follicle, again aiding in easier and more thorough removal. We suggest gently dry brushing OR using a gentle exfoliating scrub.
  • Chill - You are with the experts. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can. Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual event. Don’t listen to friends who tell you their waxing horror stories. They don’t come to us! This is your experience and we want it to be a good one!
  • Take a deep breath - We often ask clients to take a few deep breaths and to try to relax their muscles once they get on the waxing bed. Don’t worry—it really doesn’t hurt that much. And trust us, we want you to come back, so we won’t do anything to traumatize you!
  • Know that it gets better - We get that first timers don’t know what to expect. My advice is to acknowledge that the first one will be the most uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been shaving prior to it. Most of the time, people leave Wax in the City pleasantly relieved that the wax wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected. Every wax after the first one gets easier, especially when your hair starts growing in finer and we weaken the follicle!

After Your Brazilian Wax:

Once you're done , you'll want to engage in some post care activities. Following the next few tips will help move things along nicely.

  • Keep hands away - It’s important to avoid touching your newly hair-free skin. “This will not only clog pores but also transfer the bacteria that’s on your hands onto your newly waxed skin.
  • Opt for a shower - Don't take a hot bath for the rest of the day, as soaking in water could cause unnecessary irritation or pimples.
  • Don't be around too much heat -  ‍Avoid tanning beds, steam rooms or saunas for the next two days.
  • Skip sex - Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 24-48 hours.
  • Exfoliate - Two full days later, if there isn't any redness, use a mild exfoliator.
  • Fight the bumps - Our Pinkini range are a must-have to prevent ingrown hairs and keep your area clean.
  • Consistency pays off - Once your first bikini wax is out of the way, every bikini wax gets easier and easier as long as you don’t shave. If you shave, the next bikini wax will likely feel just like the first. Additionally, shaving between waxes can make you susceptible to itching, or worse... ingrown hairs. Plus, shaving is just irritating and time-consuming. So put the razor down.

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